Past Project Spotlight: Green Spaces

Team members: Nicholas, Candace, Amy, Aliyat, Grace, Hannah Rose, Mattie

What challenge are you hoping to solve?

Our idea ‘Green Spaces’ is hoping solve the following challenges related to parks and recreational areas in our cities:

  • Lack of green spaces to positively affect the natural environment

  • Increased privatisation of local green spaces

  • Lack of public space for young people to enjoy

  • Lack of green spaces that are safe, welcoming and big enough

How does your idea work?

We have designed the ‘Green Spaces’ app that can be accessed on your phone or laptop with a voice activated AI feature so you can manoeuvre the app with your voice, making the app more user-friendly for all. On the app, users will be able to locate parks in their community and will be able to add their own comments, tips and suggestions that will help improve local green spaces.

The app will also have information that will further educate people about sustainability with the overall aim of making our towns and cities greener!