Past Project Spotlight: Dim the Lights

Team members: Aliyat, Ebony, Michael, Vlad, Caoilinn, Taiwo

What challenge are you hoping to solve?

Overstimulation in public spaces is a big challenge, especially affecting people who are neurodivergent, elderly or pregnant.

Up to 90% of neurodivergent people have heightened senses and often experience sensory overload and overstimulation. People who experience overstimulation can have extreme emotional or physical discomfort. Our idea, Dim the Lights, aims to address this challenge!

How does your idea work?

Dim the Lights are sensory pods that can be installed in any busy street or public park. With calming lights and comfortable seating, the pods offer people who are feeling overstimulated a safe space to relax. The pods are wheelchair-friendly, require no payment and will be easily accessed through an online booking system.