7th May 2024

Internship Spotlight - Insights from last year's interns

Let's hear from two of last years youth interns, Niamh and Faebian, as they reflect on their experience.

How did you come across the internship?

Faebian: "Hello, my name is Faebian (he/they), I am currently a 5th year student. My favourite subjects in school are maths and physics, but I also love music and diy fashion. I came across Academy of the Near Future online and taking part in the Summer Youth Internship was my first time engaging with them."

Neeve: "Hey! My name’s Neeve, I was a youth intern for ANF last summer, just after graduating from TY. I applied to the summer programme pessimistically, since I’m not outspoken, and I hadn’t done JC science."

What was the internship like for you?

Faebian: "During the internship I learned about science communication, everything that goes into creating workshops, and of course about the work of ANF itself. I felt like I really got an insight into the whole process of how new technology and information gets from labs and researchers to the public. I found working with a group of my peers that I hadn't met before a really valuable experience, as well as a lot of fun. The internship was a great opportunity to develop skills like communication, teamwork and problem solving.

Neeve: "I ended up spending a week with 4 other interns, discussing the application of science in everyday life, debunking intimidating myths (a few scientists have great hair), then meeting these great-haired scientists, doing workshops, and making changes to them after lunch. I didn’t need experience in science to do the internship. ANF’s thing is science communication; effectively getting true, objective and empowering information out. Including through art, design, and theatre, which is perfect for me. Just by having an opinion, I was essential. Being a youth intern, I learned that I have to take opportunities to talk about the world I live in. I realised my ability to change the way science is communicated to students and people, to make connections, to show scientists that the way they present their ideas is as important as the idea itself. After the week, I was a little more confident in sharing my ideas personally, I have more ideas about what I will do in STEAM, and I made a few friends."

What would you tell others who are thinking about applying?

Faebian: "I would advise any young people who want to get involved, not to be afraid if they feel like they haven't got a lot of experience. You don’t have to be any kind of expert, just willing to give your honest opinion. I think ANF programmes are ideal for creative-minded young people who enjoy working in groups. It's really rewarding to have your opinion be valued and see your ideas come to life."

Neeve: "The internship was a factor in picking up chemistry for my LC, which is one of my favourite subjects at the moment. I like science, and maybe I’ll be a theatre engineer one day. So, this programme is for young people who have different experiences with science, even none, who just want to engage and figure out ways to improve the way we think and talk about science in Dublin. If you’re considering signing up, I promise there’s a lot you’ll learn, and a lot to be learned from you. Plus: free notebook."

Thank you very much Faebian and Neeve!

Does this sounds like something you would enjoy? Click HERE to apply or HERE to get more information!